Monday, December 15, 2008

Gotta change man...

hmm....i noticed that the very day after i resign from my job, i've become very F-ing lazy... sigh...i wake up every 'morning' at an average of 2pm...every single day... ( =.=")

and as the consequences, my body has become weaker than before...i get tired too easily...once i can push-up for 40~70 non-stop, now i can only do 30 average per session...well, i gotta change man...(>.<)

i wanna be fit for nest sem 'cause i want to participate in as many sports as i can...i don't want to be like the last sem, where i always spend my time perambulating (sounds weird) , hanging around KL, and play computer games during free time...sports were my essence during my early days...wise men say "badan cergas, minda cerdas"...well, i'm looking forward to believing that statement...(^-^)

here's the list of what i have to accomplish before i enter the next semester at intec:-

  • achieve 50 at least push-up per session (gambatteh ne!!)
  • revise back pre-calculus syllabus (ugh... (>.<) )
  • finish up 'The Hobbit' book that i bought last semester. (dah berabuk da)
  • finish up reading 'Samurai X' manga. (now at chapter 31...170++ to go)
  • train to wake up at morning (7am if possible...haha)
  • download at least 150 movies (now 138 in my collection)
  • pay up collage fees (almost is the starting day to pay)


van der shraaf said...

fuyoo...aku nk skit movie ko...(mentang2 ar dah der 500GB)

a d a m™ said...

haha..aku nyer HD baru 160GB...dah nak full nyer pasal...kalah org yg jual vcd haram nih...wakakak...kang ko ley la jumpa muka aku kat pasar seksyen 6 jual movie...