Sunday, February 28, 2010

Torn Monsoon

SIG Makan-makan

Saturday Bakery Hunting feat Deb J. Mayer

Basketball Night


p.s.: currently listening to awesome song: torn - natalie imbruglia & monsoon - tokio hotel. pure music.

Friday, February 26, 2010


a 4-hour stay in a library today is by far the longest in my record. i rarely enter any library. and now, i'm working for a library. irony.

  • karen wagner is the one who hired me. she always greeted me with a smile. a nice mother-ish person.
  • cristie (i hope its correct) is the one who always show me around the workplace and the library. thanks!
  • rebecca. the office manager. i managed to settle my first real task under 15 minutes. 3 journals. yeah! a good start.
  • trevor. a cool dude who taught me the trick of photocopy, scanner and biofilm machines. a senior.

oh, i'm working with fellow malaysians! karen said the employment distribution is conquered by native wisconsin people and malaysian! me, farah, ganu, aisyah, helmi. (i kinda saw a name "MIMI" but wasn't sure whether she's a malaysian.

a great start. hoping to rake a load full of money from the library. hahah!

p.s.: parachute by coldplay...quite 'layan'...........argghh!! i'm supposed to hate coldplay!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nutcracker Suite, March, Tchaikovsky

a good way to know about the reason why i hate ghosts and would like to punch 'em in the face (if they even had one). i can but only imagine that it's not fear to ghost that i felt, but much more to disgust and rage.

read this.

p.s.: the best classical song ever: Nutcracker Suite, March, Tchaikovsky (it's only one song, not three). i would like to try on the infamous qibo's BOSE CQ15 while listening to the HD version of this song. it's gonna be legen- *wait for it...* - dary...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bola-bola Api

gosh! i cannot force myself to fall in love...with american popular sports! be it basketball, american football or baseball, i just cannot see myself watching those sports live on tv with fellow american neighbors.

worst, tv in my dorm does not have any soccer channel! bye-bye champions league. oh, lyon, you guys rock! now, where is my barcelona? messi, oo messi...where are you?

p.s.: bola-bola api song always on replay in my head...argghh...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dido and Aeneas

dear mr snow,

please don't go away just yet. i haven't had enough vivid memory of you. please stay at least for a couple of weeks...

p.s.: a sorrow, emo, gloomy song that i just found: Henry Purcell, Dido's lament from Dido and Aeneas. (i loiike!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toccata & Fugue in D minor

i'm going to enter the photography competition for the international student society...gotta learn fast in limited time...the darn thing is that i have to stuff my bulky camera into my bag everyday to class...duh...

p.s.: loving toccata & fugue in d minor by is the song i've been wanting to know eversince i was little when i watch dracula-themed cartoon... :D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Looiike!

"people keep saying to me : 'the right person will come' but apparently i still dont see anyone coming and i seriously think mine got hit by a truck"

-farahin, 2010

p.s.: i looiiike!! ( i like! -in a very exaggerative way)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Song

just watched "closed note" japanese movie, which i would give 5/5 or 9.5/10

it's a "cinta-tak-kesampaian", "one-sided-love", "ghost-of-girlfriend's-past", "perfect-love-but-later-one-dies-another-lives" type of movie. i really love the idea of the movie. the climax is not just that visible. quite a happy but sad ending. another movie star caught my attention aside from erika sawajiri; yuko takeuchi. the ending song to this movie is "love & truth" by my favourite j-pop singer: YUI!

link to this movie here

funny thing is that so far i haven't found any hollywood movies that can convey a strong message to the audiences. it's always japanese movies. or maybe it's just me being ignorant to the americans. korean movies? i haven't taken a peek into it just yet.

p.s.: fuyu no uta (winter song) might as well be as addictive as mirae. love it!

You Give Love a Bad Name

walked behind a deeply-in-love couple in blistering cold and snow,
but i felt i being too metaphoric or hyperbolic?

p.s.: always in love with bon jovi songs, one of my favorite: the title of this post.
p.s.: in progress to cover guitar skill for plain white t's - hey there delilah.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


found a new meaning in mengeteh in US...

mengeteh in malaysia:

teh tarik

mengeteh in US:

bubble tea!

Winter || Angpow



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wanted Dead or Alive

zafree asked me more than once, "kau takde apa yg ko nak ker?" (don't you have anything you want?) and always been replied with "entah la, takde...kot" (i dunno...nothin'...maybe).

it was a lie. sorry. because i lied to you zaf, and i lied to myself.

part of my wishlist:

i want my family to do well. i want my parents to be healthy. i want to meet my little brother. i want my little sisters to do well in study. i want my family to be happy. i want my sister to get married quickly. i want to hug my little brother. i want to do well in study. i want my professor to know me. i want to rebut a philosopher's quote. i want to have new friends. i want to stay calm. i want to get my emotion back. i want to get fit. i want my eyes to be normal. i want to learn photography. i want a nikon D40 dslr. i want 50mm-200mm telephoto zoom lens. i want levi skinny jeans. i want a pair of new converse shoes. i want to have a job. i want new t-shirts. i want to have a lot of money. i want to live in peace. i want to fulfill my promise. i want to have wonderful friends. i want to be skillful in sports. i want to meet a her who understands me. i want be caring. i want to be a great companion. i want to be a great friend. i want to meet my old friends. i want to watch my friends get married. i want to eat kfc. i want to try many sports. i want to be a great guitarist. i want to be a successful businessman. i want to eliminate corruption. i want to destroy those who destroyed my family. i want to sell my calculus book. i want to kick someone. i want to write without typo. i want to have teleport power. i want to run fast. i want to watch new movies. i want to buy ipod touch. i want to but macbook. i want to buy bubble tea. i want to play pro soccer evolution without losing. i want to eat dodol. i want to eat serunding. i want to eat ikan masin. i want to eat ikan bakar. i want to eat ayam percik. i want to eat lamb steak. i want to be a great cook. i want to cook for her. i want to learn british slang. i want to ride a horse. i want to trave around america. i want to have eurotrip. i want people to accept me. i want to be funny. i want to piss without anyone watching. i want enter kickboxing. i want to fight with someone. i want to learn aikido. i want to learn japanese. i want to meet maki horikita. i want to have candle light dinner with yui yoshioka. i want to want someone. i want to want something. etc.

wanted dead or alive
Nikon D40 with 50mm-200mm zoom lens

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


just spotted the most beautiful korean/pinoy/indon/chinese (@_@) girl while crossing the traffic light and we crossed our eyes for a second...

putting that aside, let me jot down a few of my observation results:

  • majority of beautiful girls in UW is made up of interracial or international students.
  • although beautiful girls in UW eat a lot of fast food, they cope up with the fats by walking to class. so they can maintain slim and slender.
  • pure-blooded indon girls are much more beautiful than malay girl. (though, this is subjective)
  • although americans are much more friendly than malaysians, but they lack in commitment in relationship.
  • malaysian verbal jokes hardly work in US...sigh...US (verbal) jokes are somehow lame (to me)...
  • "Family Guy" cartoon is the best comedy ever! it even makes "The Simpson" look&sound so lame...
these, however are just a few of the whole thing i've sentence that i find so catchy:

"ningen wa omoishiroidesu"
(human is interesting)

p.s.: i'm starting to love renaissance works of art

michelangelo's pieta


snow under the moonlight is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen...

*p.s. - only realized by author after 5 months in the States...duh..
*tsukiakari (jap) - moonlight

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hockey Classic

the first ever experience of watching ice hockey match LIVE!
UW-Madison vs. UMichigan-Ann Arbor
date: 6th February 2010
venue: Camp Randall Stadium


state-wide hockey team representatives

presenting....BUCKY! our lovely mascot

oh yeah! half-naked @ -6°C

one by one, the players' name were called

booyah! come on punks!


"you wanna have a piece of me, huh?"

damn, they're lucky...but by this time, you'll hear "YOU STILL SUCK!!"

and by this time, you'll hear "YOU SUCK!" accompanied by "FUCK YOU!"

inside the stadium result:

UW 3 - 2 UM

UM loooserrr!!!