Friday, May 15, 2009

Not goin' to.... calculus

...write blog until i find my inspiration back

...lick someone's ass

...perform any guitar show Indon anmore

...stay in cendana

...sleep early for my broken bed in the same room as Aje

...socialize much

*sigh...summer is sure boring... (=.=)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ades..... >.<


what's so good 'bout it compared to cendana?

as far as i know,

here are some tips on how life in cemara is:

  • public-toilet-like toilet (>.<)
  • thieves' den (gotta buy more weapons later)
  • narrow steps and stairs as you go higher up the level (alip, i pray that you'll get the 1st level house)
  • mamak food is garbage compared to dawood.
  • sound pollution (maybe for those who get room next to the main road)
  • dengue (shit)
  • etc.
those who wanna help me to add up this list, feel free to comment on this post...

erk, before that, why must we move to cemara??!!!