Thursday, April 22, 2010


i never thought little things that people do have massive effect to me and to my i can start to smile without any hint of fake-ness...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where I Belong

Thank you to those who wished me tons for my birthday...words just couldn't express how i felt at that time...

i've started to cover back the disney movies from my childhood past...thanks to the media center in my residence hall offering quite a range of DVDs...done watching hercules and lion king / pocahontas / beauty and the beast...

little by little, watching these childish movie bring back the childish element of my alter ego...i can now feel something...but i'm still trying to figure it out...but it rhymes with the line from the OST of hercules "i can go the distance" by micheal bolton: "right where i belong"....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ole Ole

ole ole ole ole 

hanya gambar hiasan. tiada kena mengena dengan yang masih hidup atau yang telah mati. i missed the times when people will "makan bola, tido bola, mandi bola"....waking up at 3 in the morning just to watch a slow paced match that has to involve Italy (which seriously is boring to watch 'em play defensively) has its authentic experience...where the next morning, i was like a walking dead because of the lack of energy...

this year will be my first (and my last time?) to enjoy the world cup overseas! i expect to watch the match during the day of course!

one more thing, i might (more like 80% sure) buy two jerseys worth $70 each...both will be for two of my favorite teams. now i'm still ambivalent whether to buy the jerseys with names on them or just plain jerseys. hurm...

teams that i'm gonna root for this tournament:

Fernando Torres - my most favorite striker. in my opinion, he's even better than Rooney. a complete package. with the help from world-class playmaker Xavi, he'll blast the goal.


Lionel Messi - my all time favourite attacking midfielder. his dribble and speed is pure orgasm.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Badan Macam Badang Main Acah Belakang Parang is a great medium for a person to be respected AND to be hated.


i wonder why ever since i was a child, i  kept asking my father just about everything that i thought of. i always question, not just join the bandwagon. that's why i cannot follow people's opinions blindly. and, people thought i was arrogant.


nationalism is a pseudo-religion. you can spark arms-race, genocide, world wars, and racial dispute just by having faith in it.


p.s.: tajuk post ini diambil dari lagu mantera beradu. amat fakta maksudnya.
p.s.: just finished reading Full Contact of my favorite!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2
Version: PC - Limited Edition

Gameplay: 8
Graphic: 9
Sound: 9
Replay-value: 10

the gameplay for the single player mode is somehow a little lame to me. why? maybe because it is meant to be multiplayer all along... would ragnarok online be addictive if it add up a single player offline mode in its gameplay? NO! same goes here for battlefield bad company 2.

take a look at the picture above, it is as crisp and bright in the game. seriously! normally a game would brag to the customers in the preview by showing realistic graphic. however, they are all fool's gold. but with the mere power of 2.0Ghz core 2 duo and nvidia gtx 260m, i cannot push my rig to get those crisp graphic. sigh. i wonder how would it looked like if i plug in my rig to a HDTV~

sound? heh, get yourself a good 5.1 headphone and you'll save yer ass a lot! the same technique used in counter strike game, the footsteps are the key to sneaking and sorry-i-just-knifed-in-your-head. i just love the background music (BGM) for some of the rush maps. conquest bgm sucks...or it is just me getting bored...heh...

multiplayer games are always fresh. it is not like any single player offline game that you can get a hold of it in just a few tries. thats why i cant let go of my ragnarok addiction when i tried to stop a few years back. the challenges are always new. you'll almost positively wont meet the same opponent each time you get into a new server.


what more can i say? this game rockz! if you are insisting that modern warfare 2 is waaayyy better than this 'lil gem, then you're wrong. modern warfare2 has it's own strong point such as newbie-friendly gameplay and a SWAT-feeling experience...but if you seek for almost-real war experience, throw away modern warfare 2, get the battlefield bad company 2. it is worth every cent.


p.s.: alas, the only thing that can make me cry is by thinking of how i miss my family... :'(