Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ma Turf

technically the devils are chained during this month...but still i feel anger is building up...might be that this is pure hatred...shit


marked 16th august 2010...a new home...

ops...wrong house...

hence, i present my room! :3


Friday, August 6, 2010





off to michigan ann-arbor :3

Oh Tidak!

from left: jee hwan, minsoo, li yu, hezri, terry nuckolls, me, evie, fatin, sarah

today is the last day for english class...imma miss you guys so much after this...
by far, this is the most happening class despite that it took us so long to even talk to each other... heh
(missing in the class: gene, minyoung)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


i raped the english 118 presentation this morning...literally... :3

Poker Face

tomorrow is gonna be the final moment of the whole 118 course...a presentation of my topic and after that, i'm practically free! then imma enjoy what summer is like :3

shoot! not this summer! ;3

and now, might be that the change in weather that affects my mood...
i'm easily consumed by anger, EASILY! i might even smash some face if i couldn't control it... ;(

i'll have to pull a poker face to supress this demon of mine...but i gotta choose which face imma pull:

nope, this is far too kind and happy-go-lucky to carry my name

this face(s) might be able to hide 3 emotions at the same! but HELL NO!

duh, this face has the label "punch-me-in-the-face-yo"


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

why can't the political parties in malaysia unite?

refute 1: we have our own ideal.
refute 2: they (other parties) are doing something wrong.
refute 3: that party is dominated by ________ (race)

answer to all: why cant you guy just merge into one party...that's gonna save up a lot of trees for making those elections posters...try to change the party from inside...and dont even mention about difference in race...hell, we come from the same ancestors, no? nationalism is what making us all fight against each other...

ahh...i can't just forget her eyes! ;3

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last Push

i know... i'm probably a decade behind to say about this...but i freaking love 500 days of summer!

i love every single element that the movie got; a sprinkle of indie film, and a dash of mainstream movie...

for romantic/comedy/drama genre movie, i really really really recommend this movie aside from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind... 

a 10/10 !

oh! and i love zooey's eyes and hairstyle~ :3

okay, this week shall be the last for english 118 course...i couldn't recall how many nights i've spent sleeping late...this will be the last push!

after that, pindah randah rumah baru! :3

Thursday, July 29, 2010


my inferiority complex:

i fear women who are (much) larger than me 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


a new found addiction: random vacation :3

Monday, July 26, 2010

Attention Deprivation

last weekend last-minute holiday destination: university of illinois urbana-champaign...

yeah, i miscalculated the cost for this holiday by 2 folds... >.<

UIUC compared to madison, i think it's 4 to 5 times bigger...hell, even the main library has more than 10 levels underground...yeah, under-da-ground! so it's not foolish to say that if you sum up all the books you have in every library in uw-madison, it's not gonna be able to beat the main library of UIUC... :3

on the way back to madison, i drove for the first time in my life...i guess i've covered around 150 miles...almost got hit by a truck, emergency brake, missed an exit...but i guess it's okay for a first timer...

now, back to reality...
i devote my life to writing!


really, what's the matter with you guys? in a relationship for a day or two and then break up? attention deprived?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


imma stop writing for the weekend...

*chanting "stop writing" 99 times*

hell yeah! i'm going to hang around urbana-champaign, illinois for the weekend! :3

oh yeah, i found the most hilarious tv ads ever in US...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


getting kinda suffocated with the mountains of english homework...luckily my boss let me go early today :3

a reminder that we men are not always strong...

Coupe de Grace

abusive use of status in facebook:

2 women have a mutual engaged status with each other...

so does this make them great friend or lesbo?

forgiveness is a double-edged blade...once will invite twice...

Monday, July 19, 2010


can we human co-exist as an individual?

english 118 has started to shoot the back of my head with the whos-the-boss kind of statement...this whole week is going to be a hell of a time...which i probably enjoy 'coz i love to write... ;p

okay, it's summer...and it's too freakin' boring! too much free time...i might as well start learning about forex... :"3

Sunday, July 18, 2010


x1  forgiveable
x2 still forgiveable, i guess
x3 you're getting on my nerve
x4 hey there buddy S.O.A.B.

it's summer sale in downtown's more likely like a bazaar of clothes and accessories...althou' it went for only 3 days, i guess it's more than enough...'coz even in the first day, many good stuff have been cleared...i must have been lucky to be able to snatch some good deals in a few clothings with discounts over 80%...sorry taz, i got your gift on bargain... :3

my english class starts to get really slow in pace...compared to a few weeks ago where i've to finish 2 essays, now what's left is just an independent research paper...although it gotta be 8 pages long with more than 12 sources, i'm positive enough that it's gonna be a smooth ride...and i just want to finish this whole course fast and concentrate on preparing for the disneyland and san diego vacation... :3

Friday, July 16, 2010


saw the same man at the library yesterday...the same like a few days ago...he was using a public computer at a secluded spot in the library...

a few days ago, i saw him video chatting with another man, who, was naked shirtless...for hours...though i knew library computers dont have i knew it's a one way video call...

yesterday, i saw him watching backstreet boys music video and he seemed to enjoy it...later, he continued video calling the same guy...for hours...

so your verdict?

Thursday, July 15, 2010


an aquaintance of mine just got engaged..congratulation!

*kompang sound*

i cant but notice that this event will set a benchmark for those lonely and gersang single anak dara out there...pressure of jealousy will now commence to those who already have a slave boyfriend but have no definite future on their relationship...

to liyana, congrats for your engagement...wait, what's this feeling? i felt so great saying congrats to those who are engaged...even better than saying that to those who only just change their status from single into in-relationship in facebook...yay!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


a friend asked me to join him making's an MLM and i should have known that fucked-up interesting term used in luxor business which pretty much burn a goddamm freakin' hole in my friends' pockets...sheesh...

one thing that i've been thinking about when i was curi tulang working today...why should i take a toll on my mental tolerance just to keep a promise? the only thing that kept me sane-not-a-raging-cannibalistic-homo-sapien optimistic is that the promise i made will only last for a certain amount of after that, i'll ______ and i'll ________ if you'll ever cross my sight or i'll _______ and then i'll _________. as a conclusion, you're a ________.


i wonder why i only score my english paper when i procrastinate?...then the theory of study-ahead haf'ta be tweaked i guess...

35mm f/4.8 ISO 200

pada tangan yang lain on the other hand, i read about a research regarding the likelihood for bacteria / shit virus / flea to survive in a clumsy bed...

it turns out that the more lazy bump you are at preparing the bed properly, the lower the chance for the bacteria to you can sit tight and never again have to rearrange your bed after waking up...YAY!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Work Work

a day in history : being told to go home early after just 20 minutes curi tulang working...


oh well, 50 ringgit dollar spent on something irrelevant to most people is a dose of ecstasy for me...

due to my cute nikon d40 being clouded with shitty black spots on the sensor from the second day of being caressed used by me, it has cost me my photography interest...

now, with the fortune i've spent on cleaning the sensor, my cutie D40 can perform even better than before! and it have given me a glimmer of how fun photography is!

and yeah, i suppose i've found a new chicks photo editing!

now that this blog is revived, i hope that i can enter my past experiences and upcoming events just as a diari seorang lelaki memento / journal / self documentary...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


respect is something to be gained. well, that might be the reason why i rarely respect people.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tudung Bawang

bila orang puji (cth: "awak hensem la"), apa patut dijawab untuk mengelakkan rasa takbur dan tak puas hati?

"hi, i'm feeling handsome today. i take any date offer regardless of gender (?)"
  • "terima kasih, saya memang hensem."
  • "oh yer ker? tak sangka plak!"
  • "saya tak hensem la..."
  • "ko kutuk aku eh?"
  • "terima kasih, tapi ini Allah yang beri, bukan saya yang mintak."
"petik jari je, 10 yang datang"

bagi aku, semua jawapan ini akan menimbulkan samada riak atau tak puas hati pihak inkuiri atau kedua-duanya sekali.

"ini tidak adil !!"
amat tidak gemar perempuan pakai tudung bawang seperti di bawah...tak kisah ar korang kata tuh bukan tudung bawang, tapi tetap tak bawang...

baik pakai tudung nih...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


i never thought little things that people do have massive effect to me and to my i can start to smile without any hint of fake-ness...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where I Belong

Thank you to those who wished me tons for my birthday...words just couldn't express how i felt at that time...

i've started to cover back the disney movies from my childhood past...thanks to the media center in my residence hall offering quite a range of DVDs...done watching hercules and lion king / pocahontas / beauty and the beast...

little by little, watching these childish movie bring back the childish element of my alter ego...i can now feel something...but i'm still trying to figure it out...but it rhymes with the line from the OST of hercules "i can go the distance" by micheal bolton: "right where i belong"....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ole Ole

ole ole ole ole 

hanya gambar hiasan. tiada kena mengena dengan yang masih hidup atau yang telah mati. i missed the times when people will "makan bola, tido bola, mandi bola"....waking up at 3 in the morning just to watch a slow paced match that has to involve Italy (which seriously is boring to watch 'em play defensively) has its authentic experience...where the next morning, i was like a walking dead because of the lack of energy...

this year will be my first (and my last time?) to enjoy the world cup overseas! i expect to watch the match during the day of course!

one more thing, i might (more like 80% sure) buy two jerseys worth $70 each...both will be for two of my favorite teams. now i'm still ambivalent whether to buy the jerseys with names on them or just plain jerseys. hurm...

teams that i'm gonna root for this tournament:

Fernando Torres - my most favorite striker. in my opinion, he's even better than Rooney. a complete package. with the help from world-class playmaker Xavi, he'll blast the goal.


Lionel Messi - my all time favourite attacking midfielder. his dribble and speed is pure orgasm.