Friday, August 14, 2009

Surat Cinta

salam to all of u,

latest info on flight details.

Drake - confirm flight on 14/8 (Friday), 8pm at KLIA. please be on time!

CSM- not yet confirm but most prob will be on 16/8 together with Maryland students.

Maryland- confirm on 16/8(Sunday), 8pm at KLIA. on time, please!

Michigan State - 19/8(Wed) flight at 2359.
Purdue - 19/8 - same as above.

both Purdue & Michigan State students, please be at KLIA by 7pm, no excuse!

SUNY & Minnesota - 21/8 (Friday) at 2359. so please be at KLIA by 8pm
Minnesota, previous itinery scheduled on 19/8 was cancelled due to unavailable seat, so u'll be flying with SUNY on 21/8.

Wisconsin - divided to 2 different group with 2 different date.
one group will fly on 23/8 and another 9 students will be on 25/8
those who'll be flying late, i will inform MARA DC to inform ur university
(can't help much for this one as well since flight very critical at this moment)
so wisconsin students, i'll update u guys from time to time.

Michigan - 24/8 (Monday) ur flight is in d morning 0940
so please be at KLIA by 6am. SHARP!

RIT & Stevens - flight scheduled on 26/8 (Wed) at 2359
so please be at KLIA by 7pm, no later than that!
ohya, Stevens, u guys will be arriving a bit late.
i'll inform MARA DC as well.

so as per today, this is what i can share with all of you.

and please take note that i'm not going to wait for u guys in KLIA so make sure u guys arrive earlier than me....
if any of u missing at that moment, i'm gonna proceed the check in without ur ticket. ( i'm sure u dont want me to do that)
so students, please update with others who do not receive this email from me.


ms adlina


sharifuddin said...

sapekah yg tergolong dlm 9student wisconsin (yg fly lmbt) itu ek??

a d a m™ said...

Nur Aqilah Abdollah
Nur Azleen Mohd Razeip
Nurhayati Sulaiman
Nurul Ain Rosle
Raja Alauddin Raja Abdullah
Siti Sarah Othman
Siti Yasmin Yahya
Syazwi Mazli
Zainal Izham Zai...nal Izmi