Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trade Life

surviving a critical moment in your life is one of a kind experience...

I lived through the perils of being a suspect for H1N1...the pain is excruciating but still I'm alive to write these words for you...never before i've been so out of control...during the quarantine period, i cant control my actions like i always do even during the worst fever...

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i always ask myself...would i trade my life for anything? would you trade your life saving the one you love like in a situation where your lover is dying and the reaper gives you a multiple choice question: "would you trade your life with the one you love?", which most people will quickly say "YES!". (well maybe i'm a 'lil over exaggerating here)

but for me, life is not a thing to be toyed with...before this, i never cared if i die (i once have an understanding that if i die early, then i wont do any more harm to the world)...after a battle for my life last week, i finally come to grasp of the is life...and God has stated that we must care for our lives the most that we can even eat babi to save our lives in the times of darurat (do not mind much of my rojak words...i just write them to express my emotions) ...

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from now on, i will value my life like i value my faith... if faith is the thing that i lost, then i will be most glad to lose my life...sounds contradictory? yeah, life can be very cynical at times...but other than faith, life is above all (noktah)

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