Saturday, September 5, 2009

Novel Experience

these are some of the novel* experiences that i gained eversince i stepped into the land of opportunity; America...

  • i just succesfully made an online puchase for the first time of my life through ...(kutuk ar aku orang kampung tak pernah beli online)
  • well, i received my item that i ordered from Amazon...for the first time...and more to come...'cause things such as books are much cheaper if bought online)
  • shopped heavily for the first time...bought myself a full set winter clothing...cost me more than $130 dollar (which is relatively cheap 'cause i'm a thrifty shopper and doesn't care about fashion)
  • used laundry and dryer machine for the first time...never handled such machine before...before this, i always wash by hand...
  • went to US classes for the 1st time (of course!) and experienced a whole new study environment...(classes here are much more casual than i lecturers look more like students or makcik pasar...)
there's more to come of course...i love to spectate the world around me and by seeing the world using my own two eyes, i can learn about people's personality and culture...till then, ciow...

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