Friday, November 13, 2009

The Sims 4™

Title : The Sims 4™
Rate : M
Release : TBA

heck, i ain't gonna post about the real sims game...those who are interested in games, you should consult here ...

the sims has taught me a shitload of particular to me is the progress in something that is new to me...from developing creativity through house designing process, giving me clue about what's going to happen in the future (death), human socializing (scoot&kiss...preferably make-out kiss) to handling the bladder (i must stand and wet myself up if i cannot hold on to my bladder anymore)...

the sims - where creativity blooms

last night was the first time i ever ice-skate...the thought that bulls-eyed my brain the moment i stepped into the ice ring was a flashback; back towards the moment i tried to learn to ride a 2-wheeled bicycle (okay, i'm sentimental)...every time i fell down on the ice, somehow the pain synchronized with the memory i had falling from the bicycle...

should the girl be the one who proposes? be creative. the other girl can only scratch her buttocks as she says "ahh...they are so romantic~~"

but i am quite a hardheaded or a Grond (those who know me well should know this) when it comes to learning something physically challenging...i learned soccer through 2-hours practice (though i'm not good at it even now), practice bowling till my fingers cannot move, learn lawn bowl while sunbathing till i get dark, and now, ice-skating till my leg hurts (maybe i can blame my skate shoes which is waayyy to wide..)

i would have thought i would freeze...but it's damn hot and i sweat, on ice!

remember the progress bar on top of the sims head when he/she is learning something? maybe my ice-skating skill did not improve more than 10%..hahaha...i wonder if there is any console that i can type cheat codes in real life similar to the sims? haha

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