Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Journal 18th November 2009

"cooked me self fried kuey teow for lunch for the first time in me life..... taste like 89% of the perfecto fried kuey teow that me father always make.... in the land where the people have no taste in food (America), me wonder if me can get me cooking even more perfect, thanks to the lack of reliable cooking ingredients."


*updated on 5.30pm

"drank soft drink again...and again...kinda feel like i'm addicted to soft drink now especially diet Mtn Dew...maybe i just like the part where its caffeine keeps me awake when studying, and the sugar keeps my brain working."

mtn dew...america's version of kickappo (malaysia)


ryhaann said...

adam, ke-cool-an kau akan hilang kalau kau ckp camni. hahaa

a d a m™ said...


pasal masak?


pasal gune 'me'?


Naqib said...

diet mtn dew terbaik!

masak kuey teow xajak!
cmni r..

a d a m™ said...

hahha...aku tetiba lapar...pastu try ar campak2 bahan dlm kuali...sekali jadi...tapi aku da jumpa cara nak buat jadi lagi ummpmpphh...improvisation...

semalam study java smp kol 5 pagi...habis 2 tin aku bantai...ades..

farah nur said...

more like kickappo is the malaysian version of mountain dew. haha~

ct.mashitah said...

mountain dew kn ade gak kt msia..... =.='

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