Friday, November 20, 2009

Journal 19th November 2009

"horrible. the test was undoubtedly the most clueless test i've even done. the feeling at the moment i read the questions was like pantech (pronounced pantek)!! damn...i better make use of my weekend to make me forget the horrible pantech java test..."

*note the make below the string MATRIX saying Pantech.
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nabila bella said...

hahaha.relax laaa adam oiii.aku taw ko genius =D n for sure la curve akan trun chill yea

Naqib said...

babi kutuk hp aq.
nsb baek da xguna da.

a d a m™ said...

bella: ...ntah ar...harap2 da turun...huhuhu

qibo: hahha...klakar gile nama hp tuh...tak research dulu ke apa maksud nama tuh dlm bahasa cina...

Anonymous said...

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