Monday, November 9, 2009

Hell Smiten

a great friend of mine asked me to read his facebook status and give my honest piece of shit about he goes:

"Hey my muslim friends, stop chasing after anti-religion groups like "F*** Islam" etc!!! Just let them do what they will! why do U have to get so cooked up??Mind ur own freaking business!"
-Kash N Khan, 2009

so what's up with the controversial statement? does it mean that he can be fucked as an infidel for saying his opinion? Hell be blessed, he's just a honest kiddo (sorry kash..haha)'re some myth about the anti-christ group(s) that exists(without 's'):

myth 1: "ignorance is a sin"

here's a fact: ignorance can lead to boredom, which will lead to the isolation of the source of ignorance - the first person to say "F**k Islam!". the more people congested in the group, joining the discussion how retarded the christian child for cursing Islam, the more chaotic the situation is! why don't we try to leave that poor child with his toys. later when nobody pays attention to him/her, he'll/she'll stop. things you should consider: is this a trick made by some assholes to instill anger within us muslims? and by joining the group, will the facebook owner delete the anti-religion group? for ass sake, no!

just when i ignored another one similar like this, another came out of nowhere, which i ignored, AGAIN!

myth 2: "to show that we muslims are one"

here's my piece of shit: would you follow one of your bretherens into a shithole , one after another? if one muslim is angered by the sentiment of the anti-islam group, he'll ask other muslims to join him 'for the sake of unity as muslims'. unintentinally, they'll be assimilating the anger towards the anti-islams. wouldn't it be us who get to share the spotlight for the badass here too?

myth 3: "wouldn't you protect the dignity of your embraced religion: Islam?"

here's some ass freshener: would it carry on the meaning of peace by joining the riot? defensive mechanism works in two ways here: absorb or reflect. those anti-christ slash for-the-dignity-of-islam group employs the latter. they reflect back the sarcastic words fired on them by using the famous technique called "fuck-'em-christian-back". peace is like the sun and the moon, yin and yang, water and the gist of what i mean by those metaphors, or you'll eat shit for the rest of your life.

"there are more shit in the world than in your ass. get out of the box and think."
-mugen, 2009

PS: "phew...that was stress onto my calculus shit~~"


Syazwi said...

love the final quote. "there are more shit in the world than in your ass...." lol. XD XD. this mugen guy really is craking me up

Naqib said...

xley bla dam.
confem ko berak byk kua shit

a d a m™ said...

syazwi: mugen is the creative guy, i'm just a mere container...

qibo: dah standard 30 minit dlm toilet...ko expect apa?

ryhaann said...

i've thought about it just the same way you did tapi tak terluah je. hahaha good job interpreting the idea behind it. aku TAK pernah nak join mana2 group camnih sbb aku tau mcm laa org fesbuk nih will gonna give a tiny winy damn about it.

a d a m™ said...

ryhann: hahah...betul tuh...takkan nyer dia amik kisah berapa kerat org je buat protest...dia tau diaorg takkan tinggalkan facebook... :P

van der shraaf said...

i would rather think mugen has changed so much since his arrival in the United States, right?

a d a m™ said...

hmm...from my experience with him, mugen is much more sarcastically creative minded, hot-headed and sensitive than now...his past records are too terrifying for him to be looked back again...

note that he used shit to express the purest of his expression...not as foul words...he says again "get out of the box and think"

a d a m™ said...

and he said now he is only showing 15% of his total bad ass...thats still tolerable, isn't it? i wonder what'll happen if he went full throttle... :S

Zafree said...

aku cuber cari butang "like" tapi xde


a d a m™ said...

haha blogger tak sekongkol ngan facebook kot...