Monday, November 2, 2009

Pinkie Stevie

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a day in history: on 1st november 2009, i deliberately (yet forcibly) made myself to attend an academic talk by steven pinker.

-i was made to attend the talk as a requirement for my seminar class which offers one fucking credit.
-overall: 30% fucking insight refresher, 70% fucking garbage talk.
-what opened my mind: viewing language in psychological perspective is sure fucking interesting.
-fucking love this part:

"this is really, really, fucking brilliant"
- Bono U2, 2003, during Golden Globe Awards

-FCC (some kinda police in media) charged bono for saying obscene word in public.
-bono cannot be charged according to steven pinker due to enactment of the USA
-the enactment will only charge bono if the obscene word (fuck) is of tenses, adjectives, or any grammar sublets.
-but the enactment misses one point: fucking in bono's quote is an adverb - the only grammar sublets that is not included in the enactment.
-also pinker said: bono used 'fucking' to express his overwhelming emotion when he's on the stage.

*note that i used a lot of (fucking) words in this post to show how i explicitly show my overwhelming emotion.

p.s.: kinda start to like to hear psychological-themed talk like this...somehow i wondered why i dont choose to major in psychology...sigh


nabila bella said...

haha.tu je ke yg ko dgr adam? =P
tdo lg best kot

a d a m™ said...

haha...part psychology mencarut tuh je best n yg 1st2 pasal dimensi perkataan...lepas2 tuh aku tak ingt da apa dia bebel... :P

farah nur said...

lol. psychology mmg best! =))