Wednesday, October 21, 2009

R for?

the cliche question that has been asked my many onto the author:

how do you know so much about someone you don't know?
blame me and blame those who told me stories about those unknown people.

how come you don't have emotions?
when you have met the harsh reality of life and managed to get out of it in one piece, you might be like me.

how come the way you talk feels 'cool'? are you a cool-wannabe?
daym...this is the most energy saving way to speak...i get tired easily when i talk a lot...

can you see this colour?

why are you so thin?
try to play games and skip your lunch and dinner everyday for months...

why are you 'emo' all the time?
emo? only in that state, i can manage my emotion.

i noticed that the way you talk to girls is like flirting. why?
that's the way i always talk to people (male & female)...and it will stay that way 'cause i don't have any other way to talk...

lastly, why the heck did you put the title for this post "R for?" ?
Revelation...not wahyu (too divine), but more to 'ilham'...this supports the second question's answer too...


Naqib said...

byk btol idea ko nk post.
xley bla.

ryhaann said...

eleh sebenarnya nak ckp r for raihan mcm aku tatau isi hati kau adam ;)

a d a m™ said...

qibi: haha...kata thinker...

raihan: ala...jgn la kecoh2...tak manis laa~~