Monday, November 17, 2008

..:: øSignø ::..

i thought that today will be just any day i've gone through...days i slept for 12 hours a day, eat, watch tv, eat, sleep...Zzzzzz...just boring... ( =.=")

but then, while i was sleeping this morning (i don't know whether it's really 'internal' clock has messed up), i got the hunch that something gonna be different today...i just know it, through this lil' thingy called intuition (not like nostradamus ar)... (=.=)

my father brought a news that a company was searching for workers for one of their department...i can't really recall the full name of the company except the abbrevation AAS (not ASS) ... (~.~) this job requires me to clean the cabin of aircrafts from all over the world...despite it looks like a though kinda job, the seniors told me that this was one of the most non-hectic job they ever do...well, i look forward to believe thier words... (>.<) i don't wanna work 18-hours per day like before!!! I'll die before i get married...huhu... (T-T)

i at first really hesitate to take this job, as i was planning to do other thing this holiday (as if i have a plan... =.=)...but after the interview, the catch for this job was quite lucrative and i quickly nod in agreement when i saw the four digit number in my potential salary... (0.0) i should be starting my job on thursday...

heck, i'll take this as a sign that Allah sent to me...sign that my life gonna be more interesting just like when i accept my first job ever in catering...

i have to do a job to support my university and book fees next sem...i feel a sense of satisfaction when i can pay for something that i use/take/bla3...well this should be my fisrt step to be a responsible grown-up...hahax... (^-^)


alia said...

u're so righto!

thalhah said...

yess.using our own $$$$ is always a satisfaction!

aisya said...

eh eh.
u're goin 2 work? huhu.
nnti boley la blnje. xD haha.

a d a m said...

kalo ada la lebey duit tuh boley la aku belanja...ahaks...

talhah~~~ mana ko menghilang?? tak teman pon aku YM memalam...huhu...kang da setat keje aku tak dan nak YM sgt...

HARYA said...

ko dh nk stat keje dh..
b4 dis..
i work for 16 hours per day..

a d a m said...

hehe...nasib kontrak aku 2 minggu jerk...kalo berbulan2 keje 18jam sehari, jadi mayat hidup la aku...huhu

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