Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Song

just watched "closed note" japanese movie, which i would give 5/5 or 9.5/10

it's a "cinta-tak-kesampaian", "one-sided-love", "ghost-of-girlfriend's-past", "perfect-love-but-later-one-dies-another-lives" type of movie. i really love the idea of the movie. the climax is not just that visible. quite a happy but sad ending. another movie star caught my attention aside from erika sawajiri; yuko takeuchi. the ending song to this movie is "love & truth" by my favourite j-pop singer: YUI!

link to this movie here

funny thing is that so far i haven't found any hollywood movies that can convey a strong message to the audiences. it's always japanese movies. or maybe it's just me being ignorant to the americans. korean movies? i haven't taken a peek into it just yet.

p.s.: fuyu no uta (winter song) might as well be as addictive as mirae. love it!


-cHikA LaLA- said...

nk tgk... ko ade ke movie ni?

-cHikA LaLA- said...

oh2.. da tgk link.. hhaha.. blurr~~