Friday, February 26, 2010


a 4-hour stay in a library today is by far the longest in my record. i rarely enter any library. and now, i'm working for a library. irony.

  • karen wagner is the one who hired me. she always greeted me with a smile. a nice mother-ish person.
  • cristie (i hope its correct) is the one who always show me around the workplace and the library. thanks!
  • rebecca. the office manager. i managed to settle my first real task under 15 minutes. 3 journals. yeah! a good start.
  • trevor. a cool dude who taught me the trick of photocopy, scanner and biofilm machines. a senior.

oh, i'm working with fellow malaysians! karen said the employment distribution is conquered by native wisconsin people and malaysian! me, farah, ganu, aisyah, helmi. (i kinda saw a name "MIMI" but wasn't sure whether she's a malaysian.

a great start. hoping to rake a load full of money from the library. hahah!

p.s.: parachute by coldplay...quite 'layan'...........argghh!! i'm supposed to hate coldplay!

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