Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kyrie Eleison

hurting him back,
is just a waste of effort;
striking him at time when you human,
feel is the most fragile;
one word:
for he is the one who has lost hope,
for this world;
they're merely pawns on the checkered floor;
he seeks only nakama,
for they're the one who understand him;
and that there's hardly a thing,
that can hurt him;
while you puny humans rely on,
this thing you worship about:
he has long forsaken it-
the greatest weakness
of humankind:


Zafree said...

Lord, have mercy

checkered floor eyh? huhu

eshad phantom said...

konspirasi illuminati je sume ni..

a d a m™ said...

zaf: hebat tafsir maksud tuh...

ecad: mendalam maksud nyer...ada bnyk lagi maksud...

malam nih takde aktiviti ker kat rh?