Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"colour is still a mystery for me"

i wonder how would it be if everything is colourless or only black & white or only pink...i hate the last one...


aisya said...

well. u have the color deficiency which only 2 cones work; they call it dichromacy.

but some people do have monochromacy; the probability to have only black or only white or only pink is very little. because monochromacy consists of the receptor of only one wavelength - so you can choose either red, green or blue.

hahaha. baru lepas exam physics psl bnde ni. :p hebat tak? 100. ;P *aisya guess adam x bce abis kt atas tu. adam bce yg last ni je.* haha.

a d a m™ said...

hahah...anything scientific regarding colour is ALWAYS interesting...

tapi dah taw da pasal yg aisya tulis tu... :P

nih dpt idea tulis tuh sbb time tgh jalan balik rumah kul 2 pagi, langit cam senja...cantik sbb mata salah tgk warna... :P

Naqib said...

sedih gler idop ko dam.
redha jela eh