Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1st December 2009

"arigatou to CS 302 or in it's standard name CamShit 302, my life is getting 'better'! for 3 days(at least), i worked on it, and it doesn't get anywhere near complete...

now at 3 am on 2nd December, i can finally relax my butt and caress it as it had suffered too much from my concentration on finishing my java program...dear dear my butt, let daddy put you into the comfortiness of the bed..."
"hell, i forgot about my calculus homework! oh well, i still have 10 hours before the class start...minus my sleep time and other classes, only 2 hours left to do those homeworks...nice... calculus...'love' ya'!"


ryhaann said...

cakap ngn bontot sendiri! euw! ni ke adam yg aku kenal? hahaha

yatie sulaiman said...

hhahaha...lek2 suda...isp kok lu ker...(ada lah ayat makhluk tu, 2009)

isk,ckp xserupa bikin betul!

a d a m™ said...

ryhan: takkan ko tak sayang ass sendiri?

yati: nih tak marah la...just nak puaskan hati yg baru lepas takat gila dek CS...english siap, CS siap, calculus siap...things aren't getting anywhere better than this accomplishment! :D