Monday, December 7, 2009


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"the smoothest a bond can be is forged,
by men and women whose innocence is a toy for their lust;
for they pursue the happiness only love can bring,
that they turn blind eye to the materialized mountains,
separating them not of their hearts but their eyes;
and as the time is staged as the antagonist,
and put them into test;
for those who outlast the test of time,
shall claim the trophy of matrimony;
and for those who failed their bond,
they shall cherish the requiem of their despair;
for their bond is nothing but

grabbed from


Naqib said...

semacam je bunyi.
ada kaitan ngn "BENDA" yg kita tgh observe tu ke?

aisya said...

aisya likes this. <3

a d a m™ said...

naqib: yup...cepat ko tangkap skrg.. haha

aisya: thx~ :D