Sunday, December 13, 2009

Darker Than Black

"mugen, mugen, who are you?"
"adam, adam, i am you!"
"if you are me, then who i am?"
"be afraid you shouldn't, 'cause you are me!"
"shut the fuck up mugen, you're twisting my mind!"
"ha ha, ha ha, 'cause i am twisted,
for you and i, we both are crooked."
"wtf, wtf, how come i'm twisted?"
"for i am you and what's mine is yours."
"you are getting creepy mugen, i'm afraid of you."
"why are you afraid of your own shadow, my dear adam?"
"you keep saying, you keep chanting,
that you and i, are both one child!"
"afraid not my dear me, for what's best for you is best for me!"

"because within you, there is me,
and within me, there is you."
"i don't understand, i'm not philosophical."
"as always, you are naive adam,
for without me, you're just a toy for the bullies"
*monologue*:"sigh, sigh, i am weak."
"yes, yes, you are weak!"
"how come, how come, you can read my mind?"
"for i am you, and you are me,
and i'm your darkest inner side, and you're my purest inner side!"

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Zafree said...

terpengaruh dgn anime?

a d a m™ said...

macam anime atau movie...tapi in real life...

i always have a inner conversation with my other self when facing problem...cause he have his own thinking and i have my own thinking...weird enuf rite?

fzh90 said...

ape ko merepek ni...
takut aku sebilik ngan ko

Zafree said...

Yeah, you just sound like a freak but who cares? You still a friend of mine that I know :)

At least you don't cause troubles to other people, unlike certain human being, if he is still a human being~