Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Guide to live a happy life in INTEC

Living in intec is hard at first, well maybe me cuz i never been into boarding school whatsoever, but i manage to get out of the stress unscratched and be a happy person as i am now. Here are some tips to guide you...

a) Food at the AUSMAT cafe is the best. ADFP cafe would be fine for quick breakfast if you don’t mind the quality of the food. But still, AUSMAT cafe is the best at both quality and price.

b) To ensure you don’t get the leftover for you lunch, be at AUSMAT cafe around 11.30~12.00AM as the cafe will serve their 1st lunch at that time.

c) If you are unlucky to get food from AUSMAT cafe, go eat outside. Although eating outside is costlier, but it is worth the money you spend for the taste of the food that a stall outside INTEC is marvellous.(reminds me of my mom’s cooking back home)

d) Never lose your matrix card. You’ll be charged rm30~rm50 for your new card. Plus you’ll get interrogated by the policeman-like person from the unit keselamatan.

e) Prepare yourself before you enter this place with the stuff you learnt from your secondary school. Trust me, you’ll need them back.

*what am i writing to get happy? hahah...not that happy la...who am i to write this guide? what am I??? warrrgghhhh!!!!!!!! (tekanan emosi...) (0_0)

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