Thursday, September 18, 2008

Guide to explore shah alam

Shah alam may seem like a dormant city, but in reality it’s not. This city has lots to offer but it also has some lacks in feature, unlike other major city such as JB, Kuantan, KL, etc. You’ll have a lot of money to spare for you to enjoy(unless you buy a laptop using you scholarship money) travelling around this area. Here are some tips to guide you though this city by just RapidKL bus...

a) To get to INTEC from cendana, take bus number T602 and stop at section 2.(you’ll notice in section 2, there is a mcD, UiTM shah alam, and lots of people). Then take bus T529 to INTEC but the bus won’t stop directly in front of INTEC. You’ll have to stop outside the vicinity of INTEC. Quite far though. (>.<) b) To go to PKNS, PAS, or SACC, just take bus T602 is enough.

c) To go to Giant section 18 and MYdin or your girlfriend from akasia, just follow the guide to INTEC. (^-^)

d) To get to KL, go to section 2 by T602 bus, then take bus number U80. You have to pay extra money as the ticket for outside shah alam is rm2.(local fare is just rm1 per day). The bus will stop at KL central.

e) If you want to find computer gadgets or a laptop, i recommend that you just go to PAS, level 3. It’s like a mini Low Yat where a diversity of electronic devices exist there.(my friend can even get better deal at PAS for his laptop than at Low Yat)

f) The food stalls across WetWorld in section 2 offer the cheapest food in shah alam. (one nasi pattaya along with daging paprik cost only rm2.50!!!)

g) Dawood is the best place to lepak2 while having a glass of hot teh tarik kurang manis. The food should i eat there at your own risk...some of my friends have -stomach ache everytime they eat there...maybe its just them...donno la...the only safe thing to eat there is the roti... (T-T)

h) mcDon a.k.a mak cik indon stalls are situated just a 5~7minutes walk from cendana. The price for the food there is rather cheap...rm3 for rice+chicken+veggies...but the downside of this place is that the hygene...i rather not show you the picture here because it won’t be a surprise for the newcomers...heh

i) if you do not have any broadband modem, just go to CC near 7-11 (for boys in cendana)...the price is cheap...rm1/hour if you bring your own lappy...rm2/hour if you don’t... (0_0)

that’s all i can remember the things i’ve learnt here...for many students, it’s like a culture shock when they have the freedom in their life to do anything they advice is just don’t overspend the money you got from the sponsor (this include the FatherMother Scholarship). Discipline yourself when spending your money. Don’t just satisfy your hunger by eating McDonald all the time(that’s what many rich kid here do)...Be adventurous, don’t be like ‘katak bawah tempurung’ is short, so live your life to the fullest eventhough we would never know when our life will be at the fullest...

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