Friday, August 15, 2008

Cendana...__________(i’ll leave this sentence for you to complete according to your experience) to elaborate more about this sole place for the guys to get decent sleep...nice room, tiled bathroom & toilet, 2 rooms; one is bigger and fits in 6 people and another fits in 2 people, petronas, McDon*, Dawood, we-sell-everything-double-the-price sundry shop, and a pasar.

Life in cendana is pretty boring but if you are as adventurous as me, you’ll get over with the boredom. The tips to find happiness when living in this isolated-from-society place are simple;

a)don’t just stay in your room, lepak other room also.

b) lepak Dawood, but becareful though they may overcharge you sometime.

c) every weekends, go outing at the plaza alam sentral (PAS) or SACC (other way to say it without juggling your tongue is “SAC-C” or “sexy”)

*McDon = Mak Cik Indon

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