Thursday, July 15, 2010


an aquaintance of mine just got engaged..congratulation!

*kompang sound*

i cant but notice that this event will set a benchmark for those lonely and gersang single anak dara out there...pressure of jealousy will now commence to those who already have a slave boyfriend but have no definite future on their relationship...

to liyana, congrats for your engagement...wait, what's this feeling? i felt so great saying congrats to those who are engaged...even better than saying that to those who only just change their status from single into in-relationship in facebook...yay!


Zafree said...

Yup I am TOTALLY agree with your last statement! Saying congratulation to people who are engaged/married has a better feeling than saying it to those who are in promise-that-we-will-get-married-but-in-the-end-we-broke-up-and-I-just-search-for-someone-else-saying-the-same-fucking-promise relationship or I-just-want-you-so-that-I-can-have-someone-to-fulfill-my-undying-lust relationship (so that we can hold hands, talk on the phone, have sex...blah blah blah).

The best unnamed feeling yet!

Her engagement really got me thinking a lot of things...and I'm sure you have been thinking a lot too...right Adam? Wish to hear more of your thoughts about this big benchmark!

wait for my next blog post!

a d a m™ said...

hahah...blogging never been this satisfying...even better than putting this post into status box/link...

yeah...i've been thinking about it for 4 hours straight when i was working yesterday...something just tickle my inert state of mind when i heard about her engagement... :P