Sunday, July 18, 2010


x1  forgiveable
x2 still forgiveable, i guess
x3 you're getting on my nerve
x4 hey there buddy S.O.A.B.

it's summer sale in downtown's more likely like a bazaar of clothes and accessories...althou' it went for only 3 days, i guess it's more than enough...'coz even in the first day, many good stuff have been cleared...i must have been lucky to be able to snatch some good deals in a few clothings with discounts over 80%...sorry taz, i got your gift on bargain... :3

my english class starts to get really slow in pace...compared to a few weeks ago where i've to finish 2 essays, now what's left is just an independent research paper...although it gotta be 8 pages long with more than 12 sources, i'm positive enough that it's gonna be a smooth ride...and i just want to finish this whole course fast and concentrate on preparing for the disneyland and san diego vacation... :3


Mumtaz BO said...

wahhh!! ada nama aku la kat blog ko?
terharu gilaa.. hahaha... anyway, less 80% pun, campur cost nak pos ke sini lg mmg dah mahal kan? wohoooo thank u!!

a d a m™ said...

hahah, ko nyer mahal sket la...bukan 80%...takper...