Thursday, April 1, 2010


Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2
Version: PC - Limited Edition

Gameplay: 8
Graphic: 9
Sound: 9
Replay-value: 10

the gameplay for the single player mode is somehow a little lame to me. why? maybe because it is meant to be multiplayer all along... would ragnarok online be addictive if it add up a single player offline mode in its gameplay? NO! same goes here for battlefield bad company 2.

take a look at the picture above, it is as crisp and bright in the game. seriously! normally a game would brag to the customers in the preview by showing realistic graphic. however, they are all fool's gold. but with the mere power of 2.0Ghz core 2 duo and nvidia gtx 260m, i cannot push my rig to get those crisp graphic. sigh. i wonder how would it looked like if i plug in my rig to a HDTV~

sound? heh, get yourself a good 5.1 headphone and you'll save yer ass a lot! the same technique used in counter strike game, the footsteps are the key to sneaking and sorry-i-just-knifed-in-your-head. i just love the background music (BGM) for some of the rush maps. conquest bgm sucks...or it is just me getting bored...heh...

multiplayer games are always fresh. it is not like any single player offline game that you can get a hold of it in just a few tries. thats why i cant let go of my ragnarok addiction when i tried to stop a few years back. the challenges are always new. you'll almost positively wont meet the same opponent each time you get into a new server.


what more can i say? this game rockz! if you are insisting that modern warfare 2 is waaayyy better than this 'lil gem, then you're wrong. modern warfare2 has it's own strong point such as newbie-friendly gameplay and a SWAT-feeling experience...but if you seek for almost-real war experience, throw away modern warfare 2, get the battlefield bad company 2. it is worth every cent.


p.s.: alas, the only thing that can make me cry is by thinking of how i miss my family... :'(


Zafree said...

apsal style penulisan ko macam lain? haha

aku taktau la mata aku yang salah ke apa, tapi bagi aku graphic dia tak lawa sangat aa. maybe sebab dah biasa dengan Modern Warfare 2 punya atau Tv nyer setting tak btol. huhu btw graphic is kinda subjective so it depends~

anyway, nice review you got there . ada markah keseluruhan tak?

a d a m™ said...

haha...effect da lama tak menulis...

grafik ps3 dah ada limit...dan teknologi ps3 dah lama...PC mmg lain sket gambar dia...

overall: 92%

Zafree said...

aku rase bukannya grafik dier buruk, tapi kadang2 aku susah gila nak detect enemies sebab macam sama sangat ngan background. Time main modern warfare ok lagi, still boleh bezakan. Taktau la kalau sebab brightness tv tak btol.

a d a m™ said...

well, that is too subjective...

war, for me, if i may imagine the situation, is exactly like bad company 2 where both friends and foes are you have to be careful not to shot just anyone's ass. difficulties to spot the enemies is the fun part of the'll have to get the hunch or eagle eye to see them...